Buying a new home with a private well?

It is vitally important to get your septic and well inspected before making such a big investment, and now Leesburg Septic Inc is offering both septic and well inspections to make this a one-stop-shop instead of having to schedule two different inspectors.

Why is getting a well inspection important? To ensure that you have a healthy functioning water source that will have no surprise costs in the near future. Many homeowners don't properly maintain their well, leading to unsafe water conditions and broken equipment, so, inspecting your well equipment and water is important. For these reasons, most FHA, VA, and USDA loans are now requiring these inspections.

Leesburg Septic Inc. is now offering an inspection of all well equipment including the well casing, pump, holding tanks, water flow pressure and flow, and proper distances from any possible contaminants. With this equipment inspection, you can choose to add a water test for an additional cost with several options. Most FHA and VA loans are requesting bacteria, nitrites, nitrates, and lead tests. However, if you are not going through these financial avenues, you can choose to just have a portion of these tests done if funds are limited. The EPA and Wellcare groups both suggest getting at least a bacteria test done once a year. This test covers total coliform and E.coli.

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If ordering a well inspection, please make sure to have all parties, including homeowner, read over this disclaimer:


The purpose of this well inspection is to give prospective home buyers or current homeowners educated knowledge as to if this well is functioning properly CURRENTLY. Leesburg Septic Inc. is not promising the life expectancy or functionality past the date of this inspection.
Leesburg Septic Inc is also not responsible for water quality, chemicals or contaminates that may or may not be in the water, or the general overall safety of the water. For water safety concerns, Leesburg Septic Inc does suggest getting a proper water quality test by a certified testing lab.
Also, Leesburg Septic Inc. is conducting tests on this equipment to test water pressure, flow rate, and the equipment's working condition. Leesburg Septic Inc is NOT RESPONSIBLE for equipment that malfunctions as a result of this test. Our job is to give our educated analysis of the functionality of the well and its components- this includes testing equipment. Permission to run these tests and do the inspection releases Leesburg Septic Inc's liability of damaged equipment. The customer releases Leesburg Septic Inc from any and all liability for any damages to person or property.