Drainfield Repairs and Replacements

When a Septic Issue Comes Out of Left Field

The importance of a drainfield in Leesburg or Fruitland Park, FL

Your septic issues may be beyond a full tank issue. If your septic tank has been pumped and you’re still facing issues with your Leesburg or Fruitland Park, FL system, you might be facing a drainfield failure. The drainfield is an underground system of soil, gravel and bacteria that filters the waste liquids before they enter back into the water cycle through groundwater. You may simply have a broken pipe, but in the worst case, you could have a total drainfield failure. The process of installing a new drainfield requires a permit and involves excavating the old drainfield or placing a new one in an adjacent yard.

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Reasons your drainfield may need to be repaired or replaced

  • Grease in the system is cutting off oxygen, preventing aerobic bacteria from decomposing waste material
  • The field is damaged from too few septic tank pump-outs or cleanings
  • Compacted soil from heavy use of land above the drainfield


  • Know the location and capacity of your septic tank system.
  • Have a licensed contractor inspect the tank at least every three years.
  • Have tank pumped when the combined depth of the sludge and scum equals 1/3 of the tank liquid volume.
  • Install the system so that rainfall and surface water will flow away from the drain field.
  • Grow grass above the system.
  • Install water conservation fixtures or devices to reduce the total volume of water entering the system.
  • Keep plumbing fixtures such as toilets and faucets in good repair to prevent leakage and wasting of water.


  • Never flush paper towels, newspapers, wrapping paper, rags or sticks into the system.
  • Never allow large, irregular, intermittent or constant volumes of clear water into the system, as with a leaking toilet or faucet.
  • Never over-use ordinary household cleaning chemicals that will be flushed into the system.
  • Never pour out or empty hobby or home industry chemicals into the system.
  • Never allow grease or other bulky waste to enter the system.
  • Never flush toxic materials such as pesticides into the system.
  • Never plant trees or shrubbery in the drain field.
  • Never allow vehicles (cars, trucks, etc.) to drive across or park on the drain field. (Protect it from being crushed.)
  • Never waste water.
  • Never use chemical solvents to clean plumbing lines or a septic tank system.

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